Starship Health Technologies, LLC

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Our Mission

Starship Health Technologies is dedicated to improving health outcomes and health services through advanced information technology applications informed by participatory social and cognitive science research.

What we Do

Starship performs research, engineering, and product development projects for public and private sector clients. We create innovative mobile health apps, information systems, and analysis tools to enhance care coordination, and better integrate healthcare with social care.

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Who we Are

Our team combines world-class expertise in user-centered needs analysis and solution design with state-of-the-art capabilities in information system development and assessment. Our rich network of academic collaborators and consultants adds deep expertise in public health and clinical medicine.

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Our Technology

We have created a unique suite of software frameworks that can be adapted and customized to create app- and web-based solutions to problems underlying health equity, patient engagement, and coordination of care.

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Meet Our Clients, Collaborators, and Partners